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       Katie Duncan, a principal partner at Land Sea Services, arrived to Costa Rica in 1994 while traveling aboard the sailing vessel 'Caribbee' on a pleasure cruise with Captain Tim Leachman.  With no previous thought to making a home abroad or settling permanently outside their home town of Santa Barbara, California, their cruise down the pacific coast was only meant to be a short escape - a season of fun on the ocean. But something magical happened during those first weeks at anchor in the port town of Golfito .The beautifully calm natural harbor, the verdant green and fantastical sounds of the surrounding jungle, the welcoming bustle of a quaint port town on shore.... It all conspired to lure them into staying longer than planned. One thing led to another and opportunities just kept presenting themselves.
         The chance for mortgage free property ownership, an easy infrastructure for setting up a business and realizing the dream of self employment, the lure of a more casual lifestyle among a culture of practical an
d economical living....  Yes, a life with this kind of adventure and joy  was too tempting not to embrace! In Katie's words, "there was never a question- We loved Golfito from the moment we pulled into port. It just took a few years to really see and believe that I could make choices to stay and that we could succeed!  It's an incredibly bold thing to take a new and unconventional route in life,  but not nearly as difficult as one might imagine. Yes, there were challenges along the way. But looking back on it, overcoming the obstacles often made the journey even more exciting and brought more satisfaction and rewards than could have ever been anticipated.
         Sharing the fun, the experiences and the expertise gained over the past 22 plus years in Golfito is not just Katie's vocation-  It's so obviously her pleasure! When you meet and work with the team and network of professionals working with Land Sea Services, you'll be in the hands of knowledgeable and competent people, well equipped with the experience to guide you into your adventures, assisting you all along the journey! 

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Land Sea Properties
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Golfito, Puntarenas, Costa Rica   60701-113


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         Land Sea Services is proud of advances made in Golfito to further the humane treatment of dogs and cats. Community groups such as ZAPPA and McKee among other start ups and grassroots projects are reaching out to give low and no-cost care to 'under privileged' and street critters, greatly reducing the population of homeless animals in our area.  More and more community members are embracing the joy of adopting the 'second chance' rescue pets and street litters once they are spayed and their health needs are addressed. Your contributions make possible the Low Cost and Free Clinics being sponsored by area volunteers and veterinarians.

       Each contribution of $20.00 sponsors a dog or cat that wouldn't otherwise be able to receive vaccinations and spaying - and wouldn't have been considered adoptable! Your generous contribution of $250.00 will sponsor a neighborhood clinic with free spay services to a dozen needy animals. That's a potential reduction of over 50 unwanted births in a neighborhood in the first year alone. Do the math?!  And finally, some donations are reserved to attend selected critical cases of street dogs in crisis.  It's a loving and needed investment in our community.... Please consider supporting our "pet project" by bringing a tax deductible donation to our office when you visit Golfito. Receipts will be given along with our whole heart of THANKS!   If you are interested, volunteers for Clinic Days are always welcome.


Servicios Tierra Mar

A Clinic Coordinator and Volunteer