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Economical Retirement

Moving to Costa Rica on a Budget?

         Awesome opportunities for retiring abroad on a BUDGET do exist in this country.  The beauty of the tropics spreads out far and wide and many small communities like Golfito, Ciudad Neily, Rio Claro and La Gamba offer large rainforest or farm parcels with small homes for a fraction of the cost you may expect to pay in your "homeland".  Some of our Land Sea listings even offer residences that have established supplemental income opportunities.  As we 'boomers' get into retirement, many of us dream of rural land where horses, chickens, veggie gardens and more can all be part of our self sufficient dream.
            Some of us seek waterfront nearby where our boat is close at hand.  Others want only to walk a short distance to be at a prime surf break. That's all here in the Golfito area and can be had for a reasonable cost.  If you are handy and like the idea of living in town, Golfito has several small humble neighborhoods with old Banana Company homes for 'fixer uppers' and lots for construction.  Economical residences can be designed and built starting at just about $500 per square meter by our most recent calculations.  And how is the quality of life for an ex-pat down here?  Great!  And getting better all the time.  Supermarkets, services, medical care.... It's all available.  Our links and information below may help to give you more information on those topics. Check out for more complete information on our southern zone area and Golfito community as well.

           So, if an incredible natural harbor unsurpassed by anything else in Central America with a 'Jimmy Buffet' down in the heels charm sounds like your style... then come check us out on this remote southern pacific coastal area and  consider living "Banana Republic Style"!  The Golfito community offers a wonderfully, slightly off beat lifestyle to retiree and adventure seekers with plenty of opportunity for ACTIVE LIVING - and we can pretty much guarantee you new stories and new experiences that just won't end!

Land Sea Property Services is here to help

       Purchasing property and relocating to a foreign country can seem overwhelming.  We work full time to maintain an up to date knowledge of the areas real estate inventory.  We try and keep current on the constantly changing laws that apply to real estate and we understand the customs of doing business here,  establishing a personal relationship with both owners and buyers.

       To assure professional and well constructed transfers of property, we provide reliable straightforward Costa Rican real estate assistance, hand in hand with competent attorneys throughout every step of the process.  From selecting the perfect property, performing title and zoning searches and setting up corporations to establishing caretaker routines, supervising building and remodeling contractors, and providing ongoing trustworthy property management services - Land Sea Services can assist you every step of the way.