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A Dispatch From Down South Costa Rica:  The End-of-the-Road

By Allan Weisbecker- Out on the edge in Pavones, Costa Rica.  Allan ended up in costa Rica after tracking down a lost surfer mate from the U.S.  He then turned the experience into a book and has now settled down in Costa Rica.  Make sure to check out his website and find out all the extra details.

Caretaking:  How to Live Overseas and Have the Place to Yourself-

By Jeff and Karen Hay.  One way to move overseas would be to take care of somebody's exclusive million dollar home.  And there are a number of people who become caretakers in places such as Costa Rica, New Zealand and Mexico.  Taking care of the house and living on a nice piece of real estate might be the answer to your stationary blues. 

Comfortable Costa Rica:  It's Not all Overpriced, Overbuilt, and Overrated

When we first started writing about Costa Rica over a decade ago, it was just emerging as one of the most attractive retirement havens in central America.  As more retirees settled there, cheap properties became scarce.  So, we bgan to scout out less discovered destinations.

Living in Costa Rica:  Exploring the Beaches of Costa Rica

By Vanessa Morson- Costa Rica has for years been denounced as a bad place to invest or visit.  This is just not true.  It is my favorite country in the region and the people are nice and realistic.  They know tourism and have been at it for years so that quality of the service in Costa Rica is much higher than in the other countries of Central America.  And the weather is the best as well as the beaches.  If you want to visit a country where you know you are going to have a good time try out Costa Rica. 

Pure Life:  Traveling Through Costa Rica

By Dawnelle Salant- "Pura Vida"  In Spanish it means "Pure Life"  and is a phrase you will hear and see, everywhere in Costa Rica.  The locals live this expression to the fullest and their love for life is evident on their smiling faces and in their kind actions to strangers.  Some of the happiest people I have ever encountered were Costa Ricans.  and why wouldn't they be constantly cheerful?  You would be too if you could call one of the world's most beautiful and exotic  countries home.

Tropical Tableau in Costa Rica:  Golfito

  By Bill Moake. I remember a tropical tableau like scenes from an old South Seas adventure movie.  Sultry purple nights in the open air bar of a waterfront hotel, sipping rum with shady characters, watching palm fronds sway in the moonlight and listening to the raucous hoots of howler monkeys echo across the bay.  Through the smokey haze I see Houston Bill playing poker at the table strewn with empty beer bottles.

Why Costa Rica?:  Why Costa Rica?

In this edition of the newsletter Costa Rica Expert, Christopher Howard talks about Costa Rica.  (In our upcoming issue on Cuba, Chris will be back with an article on Cuba.) No stranger to Costa Rica fans, Christopher Howard has written extensively on the nation.  He has lived in Costa Rica and Latin america for the better part of the last thirty years.

A Night at the Cantina:  Pavones, Costa Rica

By Allan Weisbecker- For laid back mood, beaches and fun, few countries can touch Costa Rica.  Everyone takes shots at the country, too expensive, too tramples on, too difficult to live in.  It is all crap.  If you want to enjoy Costa Rica head south to the border with Panama and sit back and enjoy what Las Pavones has to offer. 

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