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Golfito Salerosa Lots - "La Gamba"
A Collection of 5 distinct Eco-sites of 5,100 m2 each
$39,000 per Lot

Located on a rural public road just 15 minutes outside of Golfito and 30 minutes from Rio Claro on the road to La Gamba village, a few miles before the Esquinas Rainforest Lodge "Biological Station" and adjacent to the Avellan Trails and Waterfall - Surrounded by the Piedras Blancas National Park.... This new to the market collection of lots for construction will meet the criteria of many who are looking for a natural forested setting outside the urban area of Golfito without going "too remote". An eco-lodge project, private retirement home or a small private community development would all fit beautifully on one or more of these sites, immersed in the exceptional natural beauty of the area. Over the past 10 years a great deal of the private wilderness areas and the larger parcels have been picked up by preservationists and investors interested in keeping this area of Golfito and it's development path as natural and 'green' as possible. The existing close knit La Gamba community is determined as well to preserve themselves as an example of an ecologically balanced community dedicated to preservation and responsible exploitation of their tropical surrounds. To date, outside the primary village, only a few private homes have broken ground in the immediate area, planting the seeds for what will most likely be a slow but certain growth community. Both water and electricity are available at the street. Each lot is accessed by a private easement off the public road.

Lot 1 LOTUS POND 5,100m2 $39,000.


Lot 2 JARDIN ESCONDIDO 5,100 m2 $39,000.

Lot 3 CAMINO CIELO 5,100 m2 $39,000.

Lot 4 BOSQUE AL CIELO 5,100 m2 $39,000.

Lot 5 RIO VISTA 5,100 m2 $39,000.