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 Est. 1994

Land Sea Properties

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Marina Services

WELCOME TO GOLFITO BAY and LAND SEA YACHT SERVICES WEBSITE. We'd like to introduce you to our services and invite you to visit Golfito and be our guests at the CRUISERS ANCHORAGE AND CLUBHOUSE when you transit through Costa Rica! We're located in a calm bay at the base of the rainforest - a traditional Port of Entry and Departure just north of Panama.

CRUISING YACHT CONVENIENCES, BOAT SITTING and MAINTENANCE are specialties at this "Mom and Pop" service center. 'Land Sea Dock' has room for 3 cruising vessels with power and water plus 5 moorings and the convenience of the clubhouse amenities for cruisers at anchor. Operating on a "drop in" basis, things stay colorful, friendly and home-style......with international crews coming, going and often staying in Golfito at Land Sea's comfortable facility longer than they ever thought they would! Reservations are not necessary and only accepted for longer term stays or boat sitting arrangements - not more than 3 months in advance. Situated in the calm bay close to Golfito city center in the marina zone, 'Land Sea Services' is an economical and secure choice for sailors in transit or those wanting to travel inland. We offer a dingy dock, cruiser's clubhouse with a balcony overlooking the anchorage and great sunsets. $1 per day WiFi internet access, cable TV, showers, book exchange, water and garbage disposal. Referrals to dependable and economical marine service workers to help with yacht maintenance and projects are available. The 'Land Sea Office' offers a laundry, phone, fax, travel agency, souvenirs, tours, and four furnished guest rentals at the waterfront. A good source for local Golfito information, stop by the Land Sea Service center to say hello if you are cruising through!

Dingy dock & Basic Services to Anchor-Out Vessels: $7.00 per day 
Med-Moor at the Dock: $12.00 per foot (LOA) on Monthly Rate
Moorings in Anchorage:  $12.00 per night*
*$2.00 per night boat sitting charge for absentee owner vessels

** Costa Rica allows for a 3 month cruising permit after which a vessel must depart or enter a bonded marina and suspend cruising. After 3 months in bond or outside the country, foreign vessels become eligible for a new 3 month cruising permit.***

Land and Sea Services

 Establishing the Golfito business "Land Sea Services" or "Servicios Tierra Mar" in 1994, our team along with a cooperative group of locals have been providing reliable assistance and services to yachts in transit through Golfito for more than 20 years. From boat scrubs to yacht deliveries at sea, you will want to keep the contact information for this resource in your ship's log. Hail "LAND SEA" on Channel 16 for assistance upon entry into the bay or look for us located on the waterfront between Banana Bay Marina and the Fish Hook Marina.



 For additional information on prices, dock space, and moorings
E-Mail Us or contact us by Telephone/Fax: (506) 2775-1614

Meet The Crew

Offering CAPTAIN SUPPORT SERVICES, Tim Leachman, a native Californian of Newport Beach and Santa Barbara, has been sailing yachts and operating commercial vessels for over 38 years. After a year cruising Mexico and Central America, he arrived in Costa Rica aboard his sailboat "Caribbee" with Katie, his 'first mate', in 1993. Falling in love with the area he decided to put the anchor down indefinitely, establishing Land Sea Services.
Based out of LAND SEA SERVICES in Golfito Bay, Costa Rica, Tim is available for YACHT MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS for foreign flagged vessels. He can keep a watch on your vessel while you do some inland travel. He's a good resource on cruising anchorages and routes too as he's put in plenty of sea miles making deliveries via Florida through the Panama Canal to California. This past 2 decades Tim made not only coast to coast passages including more than a dozen canal transits- He's completed deliveries to Mexico, United States, Tahiti, Tonga and several Central and South American ports too.
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Katie Duncan, the co-founder of LAND SEA and the foundation of the office puts her emphasis on the shore side details. She will make sure you get what you need in port from laundry services and local information to provisioning assistance, guest accommodations and pet services. She will handle pre-arrival arrangements for those planning a stay of 2 months or more. After 20 years in Golfito, she has become the "Land" part of LAND SEA offering her expertise to those who want to swallow the hook and pick up a piece of local REAL ESTATE or BOOK A VACATION RENTAL IN THE MARINA AREA with LAND SEA PROPERTY SERVICES.

Yacht Path Float-On Yacht Transport

Fast, flexible and flawless large yacht transporting

Every detail checked, then checked again. Last year we moved 300 yachts from one ocean to the other. This is only the result of deliberate and thoughtful planning. Every vessel is carefully inspected and measured before being lifted aboard, and our crews follow a rigorous, well practiced operating procedure. To leave nothing to chance, we naturally check and recheck every clasp, latch, strap, safety tie and restraining line. Then we check them all again. This may take a little longer, and cost us a little more, but it is time and effort well Yspent to protect your yacht.

Yacht Path International is an exclusive yacht transportation company specializing in worldwide yacht relocation. With the use of over 80 self-sustained heavy-lift cargo ships, we are able to offer frequent and convenient sailings year ’round. Through the use of modern, heavy-lift cargo ships and state of the art semi-submersible vessels, we can quickly and safely transport mega yachts to nearly any location.

Yacht Path's philosophy is simple. They deliver your yacht quickly and safely to the destination you select. Whatever they can do to make this as easy as possible for you, they do. In fact, they plan for weeks and months to ensure a fully uneventful trip for your vessel. By carefully focusing on the myriad of details involved, they methodically root out and eliminate any chance for uncertainty or mishap. This of course keeps them up at night, but you gain peace of mind in knowing your craft is in the best hands on the water. In their view, there is no simpler way to move a yacht from one ocean to another than by boat. Expertly placing your yacht aboardship our transport vessel suggests common sense and a sensible way of doing business. You as the owner do not run up needless engine hours, ocean wear on your vessel, or the not inconsiderable cost of captain and crew wages. Perhaps most importantly, we conserve your valuable time.

Land Sea Captain Support Services may be able to assist. We have received boats from Yachpath for the owners who were not able to arrive in port on schedule, mooring and maintaining the vessel safely until the captain could arrive. We have accepted cruisers vessels for boat sitting and loading when owners were on "touch and go", with just enough time to get the vessel checked into port before they had to catch their international flight out..... For price quotes, more information on options or how we can assist you contact us by Email Us