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La Purruha Residential & Commercial Potential

Suggested as "Best Value" on the market today!
This property, located at the entry to the rural countryside area of Golfito, was formerly a popular bar-restaurant location with a dance floor and secure off street parking. It’s tranquillo location, set between several nice homes and a few restaurant and cabina projects could lend itself to either a residential, multi-residential or commercial project. The seller had picked this property up after several years of abandonment. He made a redevelopment plan and was in the beginning stages of the transition when the project was suspended. A new septic system was installed, an outdoor “Rancho Style” bar-BBQ pavilion was built in, the old build out was removed and one end of the building was roughed out as a caretaker apartment…and then “the economic crisis” hit. Like so many others, this seller has not been able to return to the project in a few years and now feels he realistically will not be able to at any time in the foreseeable future. As it stands, there is a lot of potential here – for either commercial or residential use. It could elegantly support a few townhomes or a small cabina project. It could be developed into a very nice home site with all the amenities…. And further it could support a mixed use such as a residence to the west and a separate entry business to the east. I can imagine this as a successful location for a mechanic, storage units, spa services, a family restaurant with recreational areas, or ???? The lot is fully fenced and surrounded lovely with landscape. It's nearest neighbors are 'higher end homes' of ex-pats and nationals.

Set back off the road on the main artery into Golfito, this property is well situated and versatile. I really do consider it to be one of the best values on the market for any use.