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Suggested as a "Best Value" Multi-Use Property
"A Good Neighborhood is Everything". This property, located at the entry to the rural countryside area of Golfito, was formerly a popular bar-restaurant minutes outside of the 'banana town'.  It had a reputation for a rockin' dance floor and secure off street parking. It was purchased a decade later after years of abandonment with the idea of a complete overhaul and grand re-opening. New septic and BBQ ranchito were installed and plans began to be drawn. And then the project developer was called back to the U.S. on business. 
The project was put on ice. The economy crashed. And the rest is history that leads to a GREAT DEAL for a buyer.  It’s an area that is now considered  "upscale" in real estate potential. It's peaceful location is set between several new or very nice homes, a few restaurant and several small private lodges. It could lend itself to a private residence, a multi-residential or almost any kind of commercial project.   Sincerely, I can imagine this as a successful location for almost anything from an elegant restaurant to a boat mechanic shop.  It's a good one for a combo of a business base along with the residence on site.  Yoga studio with salon and spa services to storage units.... No kidding.  Check this one out - especially if you are considering business locations or something multi-residential.  The lot is fully fenced. Yes, it's been on the market a long time. But I really do consider it to be one of the best values in Golfito real estate.     
"Best Buy"   $59,000