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Zancudo Beach is Laid Back Offbeat Charm!

         Fine gray sand, abundance of green foliage, and gently breaking waves - All these things along with it's close knit community make Zancudo one of the countries most colorful and quaint beach playgrounds. With an estuary behind feeding into both a river and the sea, it offers residents and tourists a variety of fun including world class sport fishing, kayaking, river cruises, beach combing and surfing. Casual restaurants, cozy bars and many choices of lodging are sprinkled down the beach road. Municipal services of electricity and water serve the area. Many ex-patriots have made their “home away from home” here among the like minded - some residing year round and others escaping the cold winters of North America for the peak season here. Improvements to the road in has made it easier than ever for cars to make the trip, but most residents find it more convenient to come and go to nearby Golfito via taxi boat or their personal launch. If you dream of a beach house off the typical tourist track, check Zancudo out!